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China is putting out some very advanced research currently (for an example see , and the British motoring show Top Gear (not a strictly serious show but they do have some good facts in amongst the fast cars and silly challenges) did a show on Chinese cars a few seasons ago and what they are producing has been improving incredibly fast. When you have the will and the manpower to throw into a project, very few things will remain impossible forever. China has that will, the manpower, and the resources to achieve a staggering amount in a very short time.

They are even starting to stop the increase in air pollution in the bigger cities (reversing it and getting it down to levels most other countries would find minimally acceptable will take quite a while though).

Now where do I see myself in 10 years? Hopefully working at the same university but in a better paying computer support job, the house all paid off, and my “urban farm” turning out a sizable portion of our food. Maybe even with a well drilled for water, apparently the water table is is “only” about 40-50 feet down here, kind of surprising here in the desert.

Basically same as now, but better cushioned from any disruptions from the economy, politics, environment, etc.