Lionof liberty
I also share your beliefs , and will do the same . We all have to remember that Socialism may not be the problem , that in itself is not unconstitutional , as long as the Constitution is kept in full force , the rest really does not matter that much , what the Constitution does forbid , is totalitarian socialism …………that is indeed the enemy . I’m an independent , no one parties doctrine fits me , depends on the issue . as far as the relationship between the individual citizen and the government goes , I’m a Libertarian …………but again , strict Libertarianism in all aspects of the country would be a complete disaster …it wouldnt work , there would be no safeguards for anything . The other two parties have strays so far off the path , that both are a detriment . As far as health care goes , we should have had that a long time ago ….not this convoluted abortion the Dems pushed through …..but a flat tax and be done with it . Take care of our own , just like the support that the Bundy’s are now receiving ….very deservedly . This is one of the only modernized nations on earth , that refuses to look after its own people . Just Sayin .