Hello all I’m new to the forum, and, for obvious reasons I have used a alias. I’m attaching the body of an email I sent to close friends and family members just yesterday 041714.

“As most of you know, I have been following the BLM (Building of Land Management) harassment and persecution of the Bunkerville Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy and his family. On a whim, I called 411 and got his phone number at his ranch. So, I called to give my support and ask if I could make a donation to help them restore some of their property destroyed by the BLM. I really wasn’t expecting to get thru, maybe get an answering machine. That was not the case, a very pleasant woman answered the phone who said she was a close friend of the Bundy family and had “phone duty” that day. I told her who I was and how I had been following their story in the news, and, that I wanted them to know that they are inspiring millions across the country. Also, if they needed any help, like the support they got from hundreds of people from over 40 states that I would do all in my power to come out and help. She thanked me, and said that the Bundy’s were throwing a BBQ on Friday and asked if I would come, and please bring my family. I thanked her and explained that we lived in the North East, and even if I drove day and night we probably couldn’t have made it. She was amazed that people from here were interested in what happened in a small town so far away. I again said how I felt about there predicament, and asked if there was anything I could do to help, or if I could send a few dollars to help put back there damaged infrastructure. This is what she said.

“Patrick (alias), if you and your family could just pray for us, that would be more than enough”

They refused any money.
They offered to have us stay on his property if we could make the BBQ and feed us.
They took my phone number and said he would call if they needed “Men”.
The only thing they asked for, was our prayers.

Honestly, I had tears in my eyes when I got off the phone.

So, yes everyone, there still is the America we read about in our history books. It’s battered, bruised and will continue limping along until that day when millions answer the call like the neighbors of this brave American Family.

So last night as I lay there about to go to sleep, I prayed, for my family, for the Bundy family, for their neighbors and for America.”

So, when I finished my prayers I put my kit together, cleaned my .300 Win. Mag, Cleaned and prepped my .308 and my 1911, loaded some mags and put them in the front closet. When their call comes, or, if while I watch it becomes clear action is needed. I will throw my gear in my truck and drive the 2000+ miles and do what our founders did. I will pledge to them my life, my fortune, and and my sacred honor. It may sound corny, and like a bad movie line, but I have had enough. Our country is on the brink of either, becoming a socialist nation, or recapturing what so many have served and died for across the two and a half centuries since we threw of another tyrant, to become the guiding light of Liberty.

I will Stand
I Will Fight.