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</Can you share some more details how everyone worked together? How was this managed / coordinated? >

I was not assigned to the patrols, but as I understand it we basically coordinated our patrols with the civilians and got everyone familiar with one another so we knew who was all on the same side and set up communications so we could all coordinate our efforts. I was told there was a few tense moments when our guys encountered citizen patrols in the beginning.

I am not sure a regular army unit could have accomplished this. The National Guard is a militia made up of volunteers, and while we used US Army issued gear we tended to be more flexible in how we deal with situations. A career soldier typically only knows soldiering and military SOP, protocols and regimentation as a way to accomplish goals. National Guard members have day jobs and bring to the table experience that very few career soldiers will ever acquire and because of this can adapt more readily to unfamiliar situations that require thinking outside the box.