The Oil of Hope
Mary Mar 9th, 2014
The time to gain hope is now, today, at this very moment. When all the events begin (and the convulsing events have not yet started) it will be too late to gain hope. Hope is oil for your lamp and it cannot be bought at the last minute.

Hope demands a faith in God’s power and a belief that he loves you. All believers know that God is almighty but he seems distant, living in heaven but not acting upon earth.

You ask, “Will God act for me?” You say, “I have little faith. I frequently fail. I am not strong. I quickly grow afraid.” These are your fears. Cast them away. In the presence of the mother, the child does not think of itself because his mother is on the scene.
I will prepare you for the events but you must store up the oil of my hope now.

March 13, 2014

Hope never speaks of the end because where hope lives there is no end. People without hope often say, “This is the end”. What they sought, what they have built and what they have lived for has collapsed. Their dreams are broken into a thousand pieces.

Where there is true hope, no end exists. Hope will move on and willingly leave behind what cannot be regained. Hope transcends, rises above, is never conquered and cannot be killed.

Hope even conquers death and the grave itself. Death does not have the final word, even when the stone is rolled across the tomb. Hope never, never ends because true hope always seeks God and God never ends. True hope seeks eternal life and eternal life never ends.

Everything on earth, all of earth’s important goals must be lifted up. If you live only for earth, then your hope will die, sometimes a thousand deaths. But if your hope lies in heavenly riches, then your hope will never die
Satan is multiplying his sufferings. If he can kill your hopes, his victory is insured. I am the Mother of Hope, which flows endlessly from my heart. Come and drink every moment of every day. It is an endless stream that always refreshes.

The Queen of Hope Feb 4, 2014

Today, I have a request. I ask my children to walk only one road – my road of hope. There are many different t roads – roads of pleasure, of power, of discouragement and of hatred. There are also many roads of hope. People place hope in their own strength, or in their money, or in their position. Reject all of those roads.

I ask you to walk only on my road of hope. In these locutions, I have revealed this road. Read them again. Let the words enter your heart. I also will enter and reign as queen of your heart.

Choose me every day as your queen. How I love to reign. My kingdom pours out hope. Let me enter every room and crevice of your heart. Wherever I go, I fill with hope.

Hope is my gift and I leave it everywhere. I will place hope so deeply into your heart, that no matter what problems besiege you, they will never capture your inner fortress. Hope conquers because it outlasts every difficulty. Even if the problems last until the moment of your death, hope will be there, always the victor. I will be there and you will have arrived at the shores of heaven.