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A very poor copy of a percussion Hall-North carbine. Traded some old Bren mags that I wanted out of my garage for it as a project, wanted to clean it up and see how it functioned with blank loads. If it cleans up nicely enough and seems to function safely, I MAY test it one day with a live load. All the parts are definitely strong enough to handle live firing, I just don’t know how tight the breech closes and how much gas leaks out.

Neat thing about this gun, you can remove the tilting breech block section and that can theoretically be used as a pistol, at least for 1 shot, I don’t know how fast that mass of steel would heat up too much to keep using.

Worst that I have ever done any work on? An Indian made muzzle loading percussion shot gun a friend owned. I did not even need a vice to unscrew the breech plug from the barrel, and I could not get it tight enough afterwards to need more than a pair of vice grips to un screw it. After I cleaned up the metal and repaired the stock I returned it and told my friend about the issue, he just used it as a wall hanger with the nipple removed.