Mr. Red
Mr. Red

All these enemy nations (and yes, they ARE an enemy) have to do is provoke the U.S. to spread it’s military even thinner than it is now. Spark up something bigger with Ukraine, Syria, North Korea, Africa, places where the U.S. has interests (maybe not strategically, just that they don’t want the enemies to hold it), then drag out these low-mid-high intensity conflicts, so they pour resources to these areas.

Pop off a few EMP devices over CONUS/Canada, as well as Western Europe, then there is little in the way of stopping them. How many major ports do the Chinese have some form of control over? How many forces do the Russians have in Cuba or Venezuela? I’m not saying there would be a take over of the U.S., but some strategic areas and resources may be a target for these nations. But you’d have to also realise how many combat veterans there are now, not to mention patriotic civilians who wouldn’t take to kindly to some ChiCom or Ruskie boots on the ground. Another ace in the hole is the fact that the U.S. special forces guys are trained to train guerrillas, who will be getting **** going on day 1.

Any act of aggression upon the U.S. and her allies would almost be foolhardy, but you have to take into account that these enemy states are the type who think that the ends justify the means. If they feel that taking some strategic areas/resources are that important, they wouldn’t mind the body count as long as they think they would win in the end.

Something to think about for sure. I personally view China/Russia as one of the greatest threats to us. It may never come to a shooting war or some form of invasion, but, you never know.

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