My go to survival knife that i use regularly and have been using since i got it as a kid in 1970 from my dad who just rotated home from Vietnam is a standard USMC KaBar model 1217…
1-standard KaBar model 1217 is a fixed blade with a Blade length 7″ and an Overall length of 11-7/8″
2-Full-size USMC KA-BAR, Straight Edge
model: 1217, 5017 with a retail cost of $107.77 – $117.59
The most famous fixed blade knife in the World – “the KA-BAR” – was designed to serve our troops during World War II and is still doing its job, with honors, 70 years later and Made in the USA.
3-I got this knife as a kid when i started the in the scouts when my dad rotated home from vietnam.. we were stationed to sukeran Okinawa then and we started to do the useal scout activites so he gave it to me as a hiking all purpose knife which iv treasured and used since than to this day..
4-The KaBar is a hardy full tang knife that is solidly built has a little weight to it so you can use it as a small hatchet to chop down small trees and break up/split wood for firewood.. It keeps a sharpness good enough to use to field dress a deer and strong enough to chop thru bone and the steel is sturdy enough to be re-sharpened in the field with a few stroke of a wet stone..
5- I have to say their isnt anything i dont like about this knife and as far as improving it i do believe the new handle series of kydex is a nice change from the leather but dosent improve it just gives you other choices for an exceptional knife.
Iv used this knife consistantly year after year since i got for camping, fishing, hiking and hunting along with all the activities associated with those events.. at 52 years of age now my KaBar has been used by my dad, me, my kids and now my grand son who likes to hit wood sticks with it to put in the fire… this knife if it is the only one i can carry will be the one that goes with me peoriod…
In summery i have to say that yes im might be a little partical to the KaBar but i know from my many years of hard use and experience with it along with a great reputation and a long line of military use you cant go wrong trusting your life with this knife..