We have Malaria and Dengue fever in our area. The good news is that our mosquitos mostly stick to their working hours, so the three hours around dawn and dusk are the worst.

For both Malaria and Dengue you need quite dense populations of hosts (whether animals or humans). We are a bit away from a national park and most cases of Malaria affect the people living right next or within the national park in our area. Of course if I go hiking or running I do this during the day and not in the main biting times for those little pests.

Here is a bad little fact I heard from a biology professor… if all mosquitos would suddenly die and disappear it would not harm the ecological balance. Basically it means it wouldnt screw up nature and just improve life for many creatures. So the idea that mosquitoes have their place to keep the ecological system in balance is not valid…

but an Armed Services study claims that if you are helpless and exposed, the 27 species of mosquito will be able to drain your blood in 3 to 4 hours.

I heard how bad mosquitoes are in Alaska and parts of Canda but this… wow!

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")