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Hey Jay,
Yea- it was 9 days with 1 day off. I took mine in Baltimore, MD- so it was at Johns Hopkins. I was staying with a friend who lived close by, so I just walked there everyday. The class was filled with other Hopkins students, which was cool and interesting (different perspectives).

They give you 2 books- one is a workbook and one is a (slightly out of date) text book. I haven’t even cracked open the text book- but the workbook I used during class, it’s filled with notes and is my best friend.

They divided the class into 3s and one person would be “the patient” while 2 other people worked as a pair to try to diagnose and fix the other person. The final exam was 100 multiple-choice questions (you need to get 80% correct to pass) and a practice patient (where the teacher was the patient).

TL;DR: tons of hands-on experience and a really good teaching style that makes you remember everything really well.