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I only carry one knife and I carry it in my camera bag (my all the time bag anyway). It’s a Leatherman. I really do like that it has so many tools on it but hate that it’s so heavy and bulky. Some day I would love to get a fixed blade knife but being a lady I don’t want to carry it on my belt or anything. On the other hand I like to be prepared and I live in Alaska AND I’m a tour guide up here so I like to sort of play up the wilderness thing on my tours. I have an edge in a way because I live in a small (14’x20′) cabin. So, I do carry my Leatherman all the time, I use it almost daily either on my big 45′ motorcoach in the summer as I’m giving tours or in the winter when I deliver Meals-on-Wheels and have to cut open milk boxes.