Mr. Red
Mr. Red

You have to wonder though, freedom, how many of the operators in Homeland Security would have stayed in their job when they realize that it’s best for them to go and protect their families.

Not to mention the fact that when the people who do survive see some government figures who hid away while so many of their countrymen an women perished, while they were in their well stocked bunkers, those gov. representatives would not be well viewed.

I personally don’t view the government as it stands today would have much sway over a populace who survived 6-12 months post EMP, nor do I think much government would actually survive (literally and figuratively).

But, lets just go with your theory, about them EMPing themselves. So if they do have some form of goon squad to “round up the people that are still alive”, how many of those people still alive are going to shoot back? How many of them would they just not be able to find? And if they did manage to round up everyone, what are they going to do with them, and why? How many of the good Military and Law Enforcement and other Gov figures would just say “no, this isn’t going to happen” and either leave their posts or begin a coup? I know for a fact that many of them wouldn’t look kindly to their families being rounded up and stripped of their freedoms.

The idea that they could even attempt a mass internment of the entire population, either as it stands now, or post EMP, is absurd.

Not trying to put you or your ideas down, but this Alex Jones **** is just that (some stuff he talks about is great, but some of these wild ideas of “THEY GUNNA COME TAKE U AWAY BE SCARED” is crazy). A lot of people will have none of that happening, even if they aren’t in this type of patriotic mindset.

As an aside, yes, it could happen, in small numbers, but as for a mass grabbing of people, it can’t.

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