Jay, I also am working on some info for you, but have not had time to do it justice. Sorry for the delay and hope to have a complete post soon.

That would be great Danie!

Im from Europe so Im pretty much green when it comes to guns. Here in Asia we can go to shooting ranges but there is no proper training available. I was thinking about really learning the basics first.

I know this from everything I learned in the past, if you master the basics everything later on gets much easier and better. In a lot of areas, knowing the basics very well will get you much further than knowing a lot of things on a superficial level.

Every input or recommendations are highly appreciated.

@Edheler, great that Appleseed is so affordable. A lot of people offer hyped up “training” for ridiculous prices. Not a big friend of this.

By the way we also work on opening up SHTFschool.com for others to offer courses. (Toby C is working on some great wilderness survival stuff for example, he is an survival instructor)

So if anyone is interested in offering a basic firearms course (as good as it gets without the students getting their hands on a gun) please get in touch with us.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")