Thanks for the detailed information!

I have a couple of questions.

1. The course was 9 days right? Did you go full time? How was the daily schedule?
2. Did they give you stuff to read / work with at home? How was the theoretical part handled?
3. You talk about drunk people, were there so many people getting wasted to escape the misery after the hurricane?

I saw your posts on your blog about the typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda. Very interesting (and entertaining) read.

Especially liked that part. :X Glad everything worked out. Intense experience.

To be honest, this was the only time in all my time in the Philippines I was terrified for my safety. I always tend to have “an escape plan”. Whenever I sit in a restaurant I sit with my back against a wall so I can see the door (or escape route). I am constantly making escape plan routes- mostly for the Zombie Apocalypse. Even when drunk (which ends up being really creative and hilarious, actually. It’s probably all for nothing, but it entertains me and isn’t hurting you, so stop judging!) Anyway- when I got out of the truck, I was pinned against the back of the truck with hundreds of hungry people’s hands reaching towards me from all angles. All the while I was being interviewed by Channel 5.

Arra wrote here in our lessons learned forum about this as well. She is from Tacloban.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")