We regularly get city folk who follow their gps blindly.
As such some of the “roads” they are sent down aren’t maintained in the summer, let alone the winter.

Technology is great.

I80 was closed from Sunday afternoon through Monday @900.
Between the accidents, 47 vehicle pileup, the wind, the ice and snow, it just isn’t safe.

Yet at the same time, some moonbat from california called 911 because its april and the road shouldn’t be closed. Seriously.

These people are so dependent on tech that they can’t look up from their texting to not walk into pools, off train platforms and the like.

Add to that, this is the mountains.
Cell triangulation doesn’t work as well as some think.
Sometimes, not at all.
We had a search and rescue call last year where an 80+ year old gent with dimentia got lost in his car.
Then he went walking.
He could call out, and receive calls.
Just didn’t know where he was.
They got his signal on one tower.
The others were so mixed up from bounced signals, they were useless.
They only knew what side of the county he was on, made for a very long night.