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I am way late in this conversation as this is the first time I have looked at this particular thread. I have read many of the posts but not all of them. In one of your earlier posts you asked how a “God of love” could wipe people out. I hear this a lot and have wrestled with the question myself. The best answer I can give is that our relationship with God is to be a reflection of Jesus relationship with the Father.

I also find Gods nature less confusing when I look at Him as a father. I do not know if you have kids but I do. My wife and I “created” our children out of love. We brought them into this world to love and be loved by them. We have the ability to end their life but have chosen not to. We would give ourselves to save their lives if that was what was required. There are times they do wrong and we have to apply correction, not to inflict pain but to teach them. Then there are times that call for desperate measures.

Say for instance your child represents all of humanity. You and your child are in a remote place doing what you love and enjoying Gods creation. Your child makes a bad choice of foot placement on the trail and breaks their ankle sliding down a slope seperated from you and injured(the fall in the garden of Eden). Because of the injury they are seperated from you and cannot return. You throw them a life line(Jesus) and come to their rescue. You try to give the wound time to heal and even provide medicine but the ankle is not healing. The rest of the body is responding but the ankle is not.

A terrible infection has set in. You now have a choice. Cut off the the dying and infected foot or lose your child. It is painful, it is terrible, but if it is not done you will lose all of the very thing you love. Your child. That my friend is how I see a loving God destroying nations. He does it to keep his children from dying of the infection of sin.