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Freedom, Hannah and Jay

Thank you for your welcome. Freedom, you and all Americans are welcome for any service that I have been able to do for you. I have a family heritage of military service. My dad served in the Navy in the Pacific in WW2 and my mom served in the Army in the European Theater ( England, France, Germany). Moms’ sister served in the Air Force in the early ’50s’. Both of my brothers joined the Army, and my oldest son is in the Navy.
Hannah, If I see areas where I have knowledge to fill gaps I will try to do so. I also expect to learn from others on the forum.
Jay, my resistance will be what ever it can be. I will protect my family and friends and do what I can to fight oppression. There is a book that I read in my youth that was the story of a family caught in the Philippine Islands at the start of WW2 and how they survived the Japanese Invasion. You might find it interesting. It is called “Gods’ arms around us”.