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Here is a post from another forum. It mentions the militias who showed up at the Bundy ranch, which is why I thought I would post this.

Thoughts on the Bundy Cattle issue,
First off I don’t think and nobody should think this is over, it is not. Also I honestly don’t think Bundy had a good case, there have been far worse examples like this that were not protested and travesties occurred. This issues is much bigger than Bundy and his cattle. Media reports, Internet stories, rumors were out of this world, exaggeration, speculation and grandstanding provides color and excitement but doesn’t tell the true story. I was there Friday and Saturday for a total of about 6 hrs each day, I wish I could have spent more time there but I did what I could.

Friday I would estimate the group of people I could see to be less than 500 people. As I walked among the crowd it was clear that if someone didn’t know you they were suspicious of you, lots of rumors going around about “agent Provocateurs” there to cause trouble. That said I never seen one person act out in a way that made me feel embarrassed by our side. People were mannerly and professional but adamant about why they were there.
I headed back up Saturday morning not realizing how bad the traffic was going to be, what was normally a 1 hour drive took 3 hours with traffic that normally doesn’t exist. When I arrived and drove through the staging area and then over to the area where they were releasing the cattle I would estimate a crowd size f 1500-2000 people overall again well behaved but serious about the mission.

This is the first time I have ever seen this many US Citizens armed and pissed with a mission, It was awe inspiring and made me proud to be an American. I also want to give praise to our local Law Enforcement, Metro Sheriffs office and Nevada Hwy Patrol, they were there in force but they were not there to help the feds they were there to make sure no Nevada citizens were hurt and things stayed orderly. Sheriff Gilespie, who was the only legal authority that could stop BLM’s mission got involved and while I don’t know for sure I believe his interdiction is what made the feds back off and kept this peaceful. I know many of our local Metro guys I spoke to in confidence were on our side and felt the feds had overstepped there boundaries. I’m very please and frankly surprised it went the way it did.

The Militia members that I spoke with were disciplined, in good shape, trained and well equipped, not the typical picture of the over weight redneck wearing the Stars and Bars and carrying a Tapco decorated SKS, I was impressed by their prescience.

After the cattle had been released it was pretty much over, I had gone up with plans of spending the night but after going back to the staging area and watching the victory celebration I choose to head home. To my surprise as I was heading home in traffic I see red and blue lights and sirens coming from behind, to my surprise it was the whole gang of BLM, Park Police, various unmarked vehicles being escorted (for their own safety) from the scene by our local LE. I had to video tape it. As they drove by many were hiding their faces from the camera except a few that chose to flip me off so I can’t post the video yet until I edit out those guys faces and my comments that were not appropriate.

This whole event made me proud of my fellow patriots and give me hope that when things get really bad there are still true Americans that will stand up for what is right. Maybe the pendulum is starting to swing back the other way, we can only hope and prepare.