All very good points made by everyone. Great read. I think that 50 years from now, humans will look back at our current state of things and simply wonder how backwards everything was.

If there is a collapse that breaks most technology it will take years and decades to get back to the current level but it will happen rather quickly. I just hope people remember the lesson from a global collapse.

Hearing stories from others, like Selco, in which the new generation has already forgotten the hard price he and his family had to pay for the ignorance and hatred that was promoted by those in power, doesnt make me too enthusiastic about this.

If you look back in history and at society you just realize society is a very very slow learner. Some might call society even dumb, but we keep forgetting lessons we should have learned decades or even centuries before.

When it comes to technology I have to admit Im a big technology geek. There are projects like “e-ink survival tablets” such as Earl that show some promise. I think solar power and renewable energy is and will lead our way into the future.

Personally I have an e-ink Kindle with many books and references on it, a mobile solar panel to charge gadgets like the Kindle, my gps and a small outdoor phone (with gps and Android).

If you want to blow your mind get your favorite drink and sit down for 20 minutes and read how billions are invested to create a star (yes a STAR!) that could provide us with energy for millenias. The project might launch in 5 – 10 years and my official goal is to simply survive until then. This is pretty exciting!

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")