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I feel that the Militia is absolutely necessary, especially in todays climate. I am however leary of them at the same time. I believe that some “militia” groups are no more than a few middle aged, hot headed, men who like to camp and play guns a few weekends a year. I fear that those types do not have the people’s best intrest at heart and are just looking for the opportunity to cause trouble. As with any group there are always bad apples that make everyone look bad.
That being said I think as soon as the true SHTF those individuals would scatter or the true patriots would quickly put them in their place. My only other concern about joining a militia is the target it puts on your back. With our ever prying government we can rest assured they track membership closely. Selco has often said the best thing to do is not draw attention. I do not need a patch or membership to let me know what I believe and what I will fight for. When the time comes I know what I will do if faced with a threat.