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Mr. Red
It is nice to meet you! I was in the U.S.Navy on a destroyer. It was pretty simple really. We would cruise up and down the coast and provide gun-fire support for any of our troops that called for it. Later we were sent north for a mission called “Linebacker Strike”. I understand that the Air Force also had a similarly named mission, however I was low in the enlisted ranks and was not consulted about these things. What we did ( the entire Desron ) was to run into Haiphong (SP?) harbor at night and shoot any available targets. Then we would pull back out and unrep during the day. They did not like getting shot at and they always shot back. When I got back state-side I came off of active duty but stayed in the reserves. I wound up in a boat unit and liked it. We were organized into detachments and my detachment never was called for Iraq.

I must say that I have only been to Canada once ( Victoria ) and it was beautiful! I would love to visit again soon.