Mr. Red
Mr. Red

We live today in a world unlike anything even our parents couldn’t have imagined, and it’s every growing. We have come to rely upon technology for nearly everything now, which is both good and bad, but that’s not what this thread is about so I’ll leave that for your minds to ponder.

Anyway, no, there will be ZERO chance of us going back to a life without technology, since everything is of some for a tech. No, when SHTF we’re not going to be browsing the webs and stuff (in most cases), but technology just won’t suddenly disappear. There are lots of things that will be set back a few decades (communications in a way, vehicles but that’s mostly due to fuel, and so on), but many things will still be as is, or totally not relevant.

Basically when SHTF, it will break our heavy reliance/addiction on modern high tech stuff, but it will also provide us the type of world where we improve on some things (like I’ve said in other threads, research and development). Maybe we improve solar power generation and it becomes the new norm once things begin to pick up, or maybe we could improve vehicles to become much more efficient with smaller amounts of fuel. Who knows.

I see it as being vitally important in some cases, to have some more advanced technologies working for you post-disaster. Things like power generation as I said (solar, wind, etc), communications (HAM radios, CB), and for morale (kids being able to watch a movie).

Maybe it’s an EMP or CME event that fries a lot of stuff. But I’m of the mindset that if we built it once, we can do it again, just takes the right minds.

Regarding the video, that’s just how things happen. You throw a record player to the average guy my age (early 20’s) and it’ll take us a little while to figure out how to operate it, and some may not even know what it is. Rapid increases in technology makes things that once were a cultural norm for some turn into something that seems primitive and stone age to a couple generations down the line.

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