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Selco, in the U.S. there is an exaggerated heritage of “fairness” going back to the days of the revolution in the late 1700s. Many associated their anger with the special privileges granted at whim by the royalty in the “old world”. This has resulted in very harsh laws against bribery at all levels. The enforcement of those laws are mostly applied only as the lower levels of the economic spectrum because those who are “highly successful” have designed ways to make a bribe impossible to prove.
The most common approach is for businesses to cultivate “warm and fuzzy” personal relationships with government or military officials (like taking special care of extended family and friends of the officials rather than providing benefit directly to the official or their immediate family.) As the relationships “grow” repeated casual comments about the long term future of the official after they get out of the “public sector” (retire from government employment) are used to assure favorable application of the official’s discretionary influence.
Essentially bribes are still widespread in the U.S. They are just much more indirect.