Re shortages: The USA is slowly descending into a similar situation–that we used to decry in Soviet Russia back in the 50s. Shortages of staples…lines of people waiting for what is available. Let’s start with .22 long rifle.

Have you noticed, going into a Walmart, huge displays of cheap imported “seasonal goods”–while the staples–flour, sugar, coffee, aspirin, etc–are not available until the next truck comes in? Empty shelves. When it does, the prices have gone up by 10% or more. The govt has slyly eliminated food and gasoline prices from the inflation index, so the numbers don’t look so bad. We are paying abt $4 per gal for milk when it used to be $1.79. No inflation, they tell us….no shortages. Wait until the impact hits us from the California drought. Our land of plenty will have lines forming, too.