Jay: All those gun accidents, where kids accidently shoot themselves or others, are really tragic though.

Many times, Jay, it is when the parents have not trained the children with the firearms. Bushrat (a former NRA instructor) always taught safety first, and used a large squash/pumpkin/melon to demolish with a shot–to underscore the destructive power. Just telling a child “don’t touch!” is almost a sure way to incite curiosity and eventual accidents. In previous American generations, and in rural/conservative areas today, most homes have firearms and the young people are familiar with them. And familiar with the fact they are dangerous and take life–you cannot call a bullet back. (Hunting underscores this also–seeing a beautiful animal or bird dead at your feet is sobering, although I am a hunter.)

I also think, in my own personal opinion, the proliferation of violent media/entertainment has desensitized children to the reality of death–and promoted killing as the fast/easy/hero solution to many problems. Also the decline of morals…do whatever you want, regardless of consequences.

Sorry, I know this isn’t about Venezuela…