Selco: I agree that it depends from country, but generally speaking I think it is not good thing to be “foreigner” when SHTF.
Most probably you are gonna stick out, and that alone is reason for be in danger, not to mention that by some logic people often accuse some folks just because they are different.

Very true, Selco. Unfortunately, since we are white, and most of poor/tribal/Untouchable Indians are dark and quite short, we cannot blend into the crowd nor escape unnoticed. We “stick out” seriously. This is a risk we are willing to take for what we do. If you read “Kim” by Kipling, the character was a child during the Mutiny and his amah could stain his skin and drag him to safety along with her as his “mother”.

And yes, as our friend from Haiti pointed out, foreigners get accused just because they are different. Esp if presumed rich/ a money source. (Similar to runaway litigation/settlements in this country.)

Another caution in foreign countries (and after things do down here) is: Don’t give to beggars even if they look pitiful. You will soon be mobbed by others looking for handouts. It could turn into a riot with dire consequences.

As Selco often says, don’t be seen as a “source”. Even when I was weak and woozy in the hospital right after an emergency appendectomy in India (“hospital” is a euphemism)–a woman sitting in the hallway waited until the nurses left my room–then barged in with her hand out, insisting I give her money. White/foreigner=rich money source. I had to be quite assertive to get her to leave me in peace. (We do help the poor a lot, but always quietly through local partners on specific projects, like wells or Children’s Homes–nothing public or just giving stuff away.)