@Toby C
Glad you liked it! :)

I have been to Dubai and the gulf region a couple of times in the last years and witnessed something similar, I have never seen so much energy being wasted… They simply do not care with all the oil they still have.

About elite versus working class. Even on a global level the leading governments complain that developing nations do not stick to environmental guidelines. I’m all for protecting the environment but when you look back in time, some of the reasons the western world is where it is now, is because we had decades of industrial progress with little regard for our environment.

The developing nations simply want to have their turn of this now. They should not, because we know better but this is a problem. Recently some of the major offenders like China are shifting their policies though, because a lot of the richer Chinese escape the smog and pollution and it directly affects people with power now.

With their huge investments in renewable energies and the flexibility the government has (by running China however they want to), China might be well ahead of many other developed nations in 5 – 10 years in terms of alternative and environmentally friendly energy (if the whole system lasts that long).

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")