Even with all those strict gun rules, there were two massive school shootings in Germany for example. 16 people got killed in Erfurt and another 16 in Winnenden.

Those who want to do something bad, can get their hands on guns. All those gun accidents, where kids accidently shoot themselves or others, are really tragic though. It would be great if there would be better screening to make sure people who own guns store them securely and use them properly.

Given what most governments pull off in recent years it is obvious they want to make sure they stay in power and that’s why they try to take guns from people. In the end, a completely peaceful world would be the best (but that isnt going to happen), a world in which the power is balanced and therefore stable is the second best and a world in which one entity such as the government has all power is pretty bad.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")