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A reader, I believe a library will be very important when SHTF. Years ago I began collecting all manner of gardening, farming and live off the land books. Then about 10 years ago I started collecting history and world history books. Then it went on from there. I have now quite a library of many different sorts of books.If you can’t access the internet or use your reader books will be in big demand and be very helpful.Homeschooling books I think would be popular. I urge everyone to collect books. I figure even if something happens to me, someone will have a lot of knowledge and history of our world at hand and benefit from it someday.

Years ago when in early teens I remember seeing some movie, can’t remember name, where these people were the only survivors and lived very basic in the woods. But, they each had memorized a book – and the others would come to listen to them speak the story. The parents then had their children ‘learn’ the books from them. Never forgot that.

Henley’s Formulas was the first book I got. Tells you how to make/mix all kinds of useful stuff.