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Yes, Miami attracts a lot of money from Latin America. I think the Cuban-Americans, you are right, made Miami. Unfortunately I last was there when the Haitian and Nicaraguan refugees were coming and the drug trade was so bad. The ships I managed had lots of problems at the time from so many stow-away refugees – especially from Nicaragua. To get the ships in and out of Venezuela or Columbia we had to stock the ships with lots of extra liquor and cigarettes. Without them, the ships could sit waiting to anchor or for a pilot to board to leave for days and days until you paid the bribes. Big business down there. But, that was another life

Jay I am always surprised to talk to someone who is very strongly anti-gun. I did not grow up in a house that had any guns, so I was ‘afraid’ of them. In fact, if any of my friends parents had guns where I grew up I didn’t know it. So, in a way I can see some people’s inner ‘fear of the unknown’ – it is not in their base reference. But, all they have to do is read international news, I think to myself, and wonder how they can not see that our right to bear arms is something we should be grateful for – whether you own a gun or not.