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tweva, Miami has changed. When I came from Cuba as a little boy it was only American’s and some Cuban’s. This was for years that way. The first Cubans were the business people that put up businesses in Miami fast, my father came in 1961 and by 1965 he was a licensee as a Electrical Contractor and in 1969 he purchased a home in the City of Coral Gables.

So what I am getting to is that the Cubans that came in 1961 to 1965 were the business people that built big business here which is one of the reasons that Miami became an International City. Many of the Americans in the Miami area have helped and partnered with these Cuban-American business men and women. There are many Cuban-American business women, they credit America for there women freedoms and have open up. My wife and my sister are two very good business women.

All of this has made Miami an easier place for the Latin-American’s to come here with there monies and buy properties here, but now it is the Europeans and the Canadians coming in and buying properties left and right. So did the Russians in the Miami Beach area. So the landscape has changed.

Sometimes for the better and sometimes not so good.

So the Venezuelan Business people have invested 100’s of millions in properties here and so has the Columbians.

The problems with corrupt in all Latin-American Countries and even Cuba at the time of 1956 is the reason why they Dictators can take control because the promise the poor free housing and food and the poor do not see the part of the Dictator and lost of freedom. The poor do not care, to them the corrupt government before is the same as a Dictator but they think wow the Dictator is going to give us food and housing.