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I too had experience with bananas (a past life when I lived in the Pacific Is). Sigatoka (pronounces singer-toka) is a town in Fiji, where the disease must have first been identified. A true mature ripened banana is a beautiful thing.

At home in NZ I grow citrus.. oranges etc and I was telling a nurseryman how good my oranges are. He said.. it is not that you are so clever.. it is that you are getting tree ripened oranges.. which are much better than what is in the shops.. as` they are picked immature (and in many areas ..like Florida….. are then sprayed with an orange dye to give them a nice color). In the tropics oranges are always green!..or just slightly yellow.
In NZ my oranges hang on the tree.. or fall naturally… and we get oranges for many months from spring to summer. I am now (autumn here) harvesting a late orange… not so sweet.. but still nice tho have the extended season. Permaculture… that is the best thing.