I cast lead bullets. I can cast approximately 4430 .358 caliber 158gr LSWC from 100 lbs of lead for my .38/.357 guns. I cast them at around 15 BHN and I already have over 3000 of those bullets produced. I still have 300lbs of lead in stock. I think I’m set for some time.

For my 9mm’s I load 115gr copper-plated RN from X-treme Bullets for practice. They’re consistent in the manufacturing process, seat easily in the case, and are accurate. I load them around 1150-1200 fps, so they are not much different from shooting factory JHP’s. http://www.xtremebullets.com/“>

I also stock a considerable amount of factory ammo for all my weapons. So unless I get into some heavy fire fights (which I have no intention of doing), then I should be good for quite some time.