Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Depends on which country, honestly.

If you were up here in Canada, you would be in a far better situation than you would be versus say, Mexico (even though the S already HTF in some areas there). Some nations are far more friendly than others toward Americans and westerners than others. You could walk down the street here and not raise a single eyebrow, where as some cities the mere sight of an “outsider” will make you target #1.

A few things to note are; where your nation has a presence in the country you’re in (embassy, mil base/station, etc) or that of a friendly nation (Canada, England).

If they use a language other than english, look up some important words and phrases before you go. I know that U.S. border patrol have a book on important words/phrases/commands in Spanish so they will know what to say if they aren’t already fluent or partially fluent in the language.

What are the laws on self defence there? Are you allowed to use force if you were attacked/mugged? Obviously things may change depending on what’s happening, but the situation will dictate what you can do.

Is this nation one where violent crime is high in the outlying areas? Large drug or weapons trade? Any anti-government forces/guerillas there?

That’s just a few things off of the top of my head that I’d want to look into were I travelling to a foreign nation. For sake of your own OPSEC you may not want to share where you’re going and stuff, at least in the specifics, but knowing the nation would make things a bit simpler if you’d like me and others to look into it for you. But most of all, enjoy your time away! It’s not often do many of us get to go on vacation to other lands, so make the most of it!

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