Speaking of wasting precious water: Back in 1990 I was dating a man who moved to Palm Desert, CA and asked me to visit him (with the idea of moving there with him.) Anyway, I could not believe the wholesale wasting of water from the ancient aquifer beneath that area. Dozens of lush golf courses, watered each morning; huge resort hotels with moats around them and water birds; posh luxury homes with pools and lawns and landscaping, also watered regularly. Sucking up the resource with no thought for future generations… I was appalled. Being an outdoorsperson, I walked to the edge of the hotel grounds where I was staying, and abruptly, where the watering stopped, was dry sand and scattered desert grasses/shrubs–marked with tracks of tiny animals who were travelling into the watered areas for extra food. Entirely artificial. Not sustainable. Needless to say, I declined the move. Broke up with him and met Bushrat a few months later–my soul mate. God is good…

BTW, the NSA has a huge facility (to track us Americans) in the Utah desert. They use millions of gallons of precious water a day merely to cool their computers. Utah, being a state with limited water, requested information, which they refuse to give. Another arrogant gesture by our totalitarian regime…