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I am leaning towards Oxen as work animals. Never had actual experience, but have seen teams worked, bought a book, and some equipment ( heavy duty steel eye bolts for yoke attachment). The equipment for horses is high tech compared with oxen. Oxen are much slower.. which suits inexperience.
We have huge numbers of dairy cows in NZ so getting a couple of Holstein steers will be easy. Best to train them up from calves.. tho you can train older animals. Could even use dairy cows.. which are already quiet and used to humans. Let me assure you that a couple of big cows are hugely stronger than 2 men when it comes to pulling.

Riding a horse for travel is another issue.. very nice if you have one. I have old mountain bikes …a lot easier than walking.. and they can be load carriers too.. walking beside one with the load on it. Horses require a lot of skill and equipment.. and are a lot more trouble than an old bike hanging in the shed .. just in case.