Freedom , there are more good Confederates around than you think . All over the country , but very much so in the west ….they just may not call themselves such ….but they are . It’s a frame of mind , and not so much having to do with any Southern ancestry or region , far from it …………Johnny Reb is either in your blood or its not , if it is , you will fight ………………and yes , the government is very much the Yankees , in the most derogatory way , that is THEIR mentality , they dont hold freedom very dear when it comes down to it .

Dont buy into the absolute lies told by modern PC culture and rewritten history books about the Confederate cause . Fact is , Johnny Reb lives in every person , that wants to be left alone , that wants to live their life the way they see fit , and not be told what direction and when or where they wipe their ass ! and is will ing to fight for it , and to kill the killers disguised as law enforcement . Remember also …and this is critical ……those people who work outside the Constitution are operating outside legal authority , no matter who or what allows them to do it …they are illegitimate .

Deo Vindis .