Thanks (Numbers Man :) )for the video link–one I’m sure the self-styled “mainstream” media will never air. They claim to report unbiased news….a ludicrous joke. The video gives me some hope.

But don’t forget, the regime has other strategies. Right now they are forcing a Christian company (Hobby Lobby based in OKC)–which BTW is very profitable to the owners despite giving more than fair wages and benefits to its employees–to provide abortions etc. It is in the Supreme Court now, I believe, but don’t know if an outcome has been ruled yet. If HL loses, they will close their stores and put thousands out of work, rather than kneel to the regime. Then there are the IRS, EPA, etc which apply costly pressures to bring individuals to their knees. Why do you think the last, lonely US lead smelter closed its doors? The EPA made it impossible to continue as a business. This is another form of “nationalization” which Communist countries and other tyrants employ. They think they can pick us off one by one, and control everything themselves. People need to stand together, as with Bundy, or we will die separately.

Over a half century ago while I was in High School, I won an award for an essay on Patrick Henry. “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Most young people today are not even aware of our history, of the cost of our freedom, or of the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. They paid with their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Life is not worth living as a slave…