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Jay, This is why they are trying to give the internet to the U. N to control. There are somethings they need to do to control the people, 1. is end the 2nd Amendment! Which by doing that it will end the 1st Amendment we all know that. 2. End free speech! If they can control the internet, the media which they are doing already and the news papers.

This is why this standoff is a win for the people but this was only a test! They will try again and again, they know wiht time the people may get bored and that is when they will win. This has been done already many times, in Government, in our schools, in our State laws, in our Cities. They do it in little steps and they have all the time in the world. We have to start using there way and turn things around on them. We the people need to be active just like what happen in this Nevada Ranch standoff! If we all do this they will stand down and we will win our Country back.

Do not just stand there do something about it! Remember they are testing us to see if we will just sit there and not do anything.