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Jay, After hurricane Andrew there was a lot of changes to the building codes in South Florida. No more wood framing with wire mesh. All construction is now concrete blocks. New construction has hurricane proof windows, there was a lot of change in the roofing codes too!

A hurricane like Andrew had many tornado’s in the center so when I went to help rebuild Homestead what I saw was canals of homes destroyed right next to homes that just had a little roof damage. I did see barrel roof tile go though steel doors so the next hurricane we will see how good the hurricane proof windows will do!

tweva, The hurricane can last a very long time(8 to 12 hours) so just think if a tornado last 5 to 15 minutes, just think what 8 hours feel like at 100 to 140 miles an hour winds and not knowing if there is a tornado coming your way since there is very little information on the radio and there is no t.v.

I was think fast when the windows looked like they were going! But what I remember is all the blue lights and how the night sky was turning blue from all the transformers blowing up.