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Yes, horses and mules are very multi-purpose. It’s not that hard to train a horse to pull a wagon or cart on the farm itself if the horse is younger and not older and used to other work IMHO. Well if you are used to working with horses a lot. ( I doubt I could easily train my quarter horse to do this.) Roadways, strange places can get a bit fun. Luckily I have done it before. And luckily I don’t have funky topography here. The thing that is taking time is pulling old farm equipment – especially a plow that can hit a rock/boulder and create unexpected jolt/drag for the horse. I’m having to get used to it as well. Takes some muscles on some of the equipment when you are walking behind or to the side and not riding. The harness I am finding I am needing makes me want to learn leather work though! Expensive and not easy to find in good condition used.

A friend of mine has an 18 hand mule (see pic) that she has trained to pull a 2 person cart so thankfully I don’t have to buy a cart to train with. Gonna have to find or build a small wagon (for hauling wood out of the woods for firewood)

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