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Libbylindy – this was really a runoff pond – very shallow – that to the city owners dismay, had the nerve to dry up in the summers (and then smell lovely). They were going to spend thousands to add bentonite clay to ‘try and seal the bottom’, when the real problem is there is no source of water but…well rain and runoff! Goofy people. So, they are making the pond deeper, bigger and connecting it to another pond close by that actually has a real year round water source. They are doing all this because the ‘runoff’ pond is part of the’ view’ from the back patio – the ‘real’ pond can’t be seen. Anyway, thus I’m getting a good mixture of soil. Yes, if I were to dredge my pond the silt is so fine it too would harden like a rock! They want to spend money like that great for me ’cause I am getting free dirt and no transport cost!

Here you about the garden – if I get everything ready to plant in a few other raised beds I have I probably won’t be able to feel my hands!