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Tweva, isn’t the soil from the pond sludge going to harden into a rock? Just wondering how you keep it from drying out so it stays able to support plants. Maybe your pond sludge is…sludgier…than mine. Once my stuff leaves the pond, it gets hard and cracks. Must be the difference in soils that you take out.

I have spent my week continuing with the outdoor kitchen, but mostly working up my raised beds and getting them ready for planting. I set in 8′ T-posts that will hold 4×16′ panels of hog panels that I will use for trellises in my raised beds. After putting in 10 posts, I sadly surveyed the popped blisters on the palm of my hand and came to the conclusion – too late – that gloves would have been appropriate for the job. Too late! Now the weeding has become more painful than a sore back and tender, spring-time muscles. It includes dirt in my blisters and OUCH, I wish this part of the gardening to be finished! I have LOTS left to do and the plants and seeds are calling my name.

My asparagus is caged this year in fencing that is wrapped in cylinders and now it stands over 8′ tall and is as thick as a stand of young trees. You can’t see through it anymore, and it is blooming.

So the race is on to do all the spring work before it is no longer spring. The garden and the chickens are consuming my life – and, yes, the outdoor kitchen is right there, too.

Meantime, my husband is teaching my daughter to weld. I want to learn, too, but it will have to wait till I have a break from the crazy, hectic work that needs to be done.