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Weather finally more like spring so finally made some progress on a few goals

-received and sculpted with bobcat soil to make first of several tall berms to plant on top of to conceal view of parts of BOL can be seen from small road
-finished clearing/cleaning up/planting main food garden after winter
-began splitting/stacking wood for this winter (used a lot this past winter – unusually cold)
-added more tilapia to pond to increase numbers
-cleaned chimney/repointed some brick
-scored 2 pickup trucks of misc lumber left over from building new house for free for my stockpile. Stopped when passing by I saw a couple of guys starting to throw in to a roll off. They were happy someone else dealt with it. Included 6 unopened packages of shingles (can always use on outbuildings – wind pops them off regularly)
-practiced sharpening skills – worked on garden tools and hand shears and clippers

Discovered many muscles forgot I had!