I hope and pray you are right, freedom. I couldn’t believe that our president was voted in for a second term last election, so have dim hopes for this Nov. Our borders are intentionally porous so all those votes can be cast for the regime that provides them with free money/healthcare/education (“so unfair to require voter ID”). Plus the overflowing cities on welfare. Never think about the ramifications, just vote to keep the bread and circuses coming…. I fear the takers outnumber the producers now.

I once lived in VA, west of the Blue Ridge–we had a “town hall meeting” about upcoming gun legislation. At first, the govt contingent told the gathering “Oh, no, you can’t speak unless you pre-registered and are on the list.” That caused some discord, since we never were notified about the “pre-registration”, so they condescended to give us 3 minutes each. One of the govt committee members (the then-governor’s son) sat there studying his manicured fingernails, hoping us rednecks would get it over with. Of course, the gun legislation passed, no matter how logically we presented our opposition. Why? There were more voters in Fairfax Co near DC than in all of VA west of the Blue Ridge…and those are the voices they need for re-election, to keep their power and money (and forever pensions and healthcare.)

Govt today is only interested in power/control and money, and no longer even makes a pretense of being “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

I really do hope and pray that sanity can be restored this November. I fear it is our last chance. We may already be past the point of no return. God help us.