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1974t150v I viewed the video, There is some things that may slow down the shot some even with the new blocks that in the video the blocks were not put together with mortar and they were also not plastered on the out side which every house has which is another 1/4″ of mortar. But I do think in the new bricks if the hit is were the hole of the brick then it can go though.

My house brick not only has the double web but the walls are about 1/4 to 1/2 on each side thicker and the concrete is so much stronger then the new bricks. The new bricks I can drop from three feet and they break, the old brick on the image I have dropped so many times and as you can see it is still has not a corner has broken off.

The other thing we need to look at is the inside of the house, after the brick there is drywall and sometimes wood.

In my house the front has wood then wire mesh then plaster and the wood is all small wood that is about 1/4 w. The wire mesh inside I have to drill with a hammer drill to hang a picture frame, no nails go into it.

I do think that new construction will have a problem. Even my old house may get one or two shots in.

But just in case I and my son will be using infidel body armor!