Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Smart? Ha, I wish, but thanks lol. Yeah I agree there are many baselines one must be able to cover before we do jump into some other experimental ideas, I guess it’s easier for me to look into those ideas since I have a lot of mine already nailed down to one extent or another.

With regards to actually putting the resources toward such R&D, yes money can be a bit of a problem. I’m by no means rich, or even well off, just like many of you guys. That’s where being frugal comes into play, as well as looking at garage sales or flea markets, working with older and “out dated” technology (which might be better than new stuff, regarding EMP and such), and in some cases, checking out junk yards.

Don’t get me wrong, things like food, water, security, all of those need to be covered and you need to get really really good at those. But once you do, things like this can start being worked on, and it doesn’t have to be balloons or UAVs. Things like how can I get water to my crops/animals more efficiently, or how can I heat my home with less wood in the winter, how can I set up something so I have cold water during the heat of summer. We know we’ll find out about many problems like that once we’re neck deep into it, so wouldn’t it be wise to take some slow afternoon or weekend to look up a few things here and there, get some ideas, and write down how you could solve problems with limited resources?

Anyway, way off topic. I really hope you all get where I’m coming from on this. I’m not saying to not worry about basic prepping, but to start looking at problems you may face, when you can, and how to combat them BEFORE they do become problems. I mean, isn’t that the whole basis of prepping anyway?

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