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I do not talk to much about politics, it gets me in trouble, so this is a one time thing. I am a Cuban-American, that is what some call me but I came at an age of 4 and I am 56 now so I am an American and will die for America. 90% of my best friends are redneck Americans.

Now I want to share what my father and mother have told me many times over. They see many things happening that the saw happen in Cuba. Government breaking the laws of the land, giving a lot of free things to the people so they are happy and do not care if the government is breaking the laws.

The Government does not care about the debt of the Country, they only care about them self and if the Government collapse they have a plan to take control of the people and become dictators because as the Cuban people learned with time that there is no Communism, Communism is just a word for Dictator!

America is not prepared since we have not ever had a Dictator.

I finish with all Dictators are great speakers, Castro was a great one. All of Cuba voted for him! Then he showed us his true colors!

We do need to learn from history.