Might want to check those bricks again… my house also dates from the late teens/early 20’s and the bricks are all clay fired brick – most times, with the name of the brickmaking factory embossed on the brick. Those old bricks are awesome, but they soak up water. Almost nobody makes real clay-fired brick anymore – they just use red dye and color the concrete to look like brick. Doesn’t last near as long as the genuine article.

I wanted to give a gift to my wife of a new patio, made entirely of reclaimed clay-fired paving bricks – like they used to pave streets with. A pro down in town (all he deals with is brick, block and cut stone. He’s been in business for 40+ years) schooled me on bricks. Yes, they still make clay-fired brick, and they are actually better than the old timey ones. Concrete “bricks” are no different than regular old poured concrete, ‘cept they are colored red.

Your house should be built with the good stuff, if my guess is right – yellow pine joists (almost as hard as oak, but sadly, almost extinct), oak and poplar used in construction.. plaster walls and (wild guess here) really wide moulding? Plinth blocks at the corners? If you have original doors, I bet they’re 5 panel doors with iron hinges…

The good stuff… you’ll never see the like again. The walls aren’t bullet resistant, but they’re a damn sight better than stick-and-drywall construction…. back that up with a layer or 3 of sandbags (maybe on the inside), mylar on the windows (to prevent spalling when a bullet hits it), loopholes…. you’re good to hook. :)

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