One thing I’ve learned both from history and from personal experience is that you have to make the place you live look like crap..

I shall explain.

Back during WWI, when the Brits showed up and started digging trenches, everything had to be neat and clean, dress right dress. The trenchlines of the Brits were very orderly and neatly constructed. They looked with derision on the German lines, which looked like a trash dump – barbed wire strung higgeldy-piggeldy, garbage thrown about, sandbag walls constructed how-the-hell-ever…

However, the Brits soon found out why they looked that way – camouflage. If someone is shooting at you from a concealed position, and there are literally thousands upon thousands of places he could be hiding, you don’t have a hope of finding the right place to shoot back… but, if your digs look neat and clean, it’s pretty much an easy thing to spot where fire is coming from.

Rather like opening ONE window in an apartment building to shoot out of… think they’ll figure out where it’s coming from?

And who says you have to use a window to shoot out of anyways? Why not schlep a bunch of sandbags and timbers upstairs into the attic and make a rifle loophole in the roof? You can take fire from all sides with enough sandbags, and only need a tiny opening to shoot out of… I doubt anyone would ever see you. And please, DON’T stick the rifle barrel out the loophole… you can even back up a couple feet… so long as you have a good view and the bullet passes cleanly out the loophole, who cares? No way they’d ever see you. Just mystery bullets from nowhere… :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1